Yes. Instead of choosing Entire, Front or Rear, choose “Other.” Then enter your instructions in the “Specify Work Area” field. You will need to provide specific marking instructions for your “Pre-marked” area that you describe, including how you choose to pre-mark.

  • Example 1: Dig site is pre-marked with a white flag (or X) in the northeast corner of the lot. Please stake a 10 ft radius around the white flag (or X).
  • Example 2: Dig line is pre-marked in white paint on the east side of the building.  From east side of building please stake 50 ft east along the pre-marked line, while staking 5 ft on both sides of the pre-marked line for the given stretch.
  • Example 3: Dig area is a 10 ft x 20 ft pre-marked rectangle in the Rear of the given lot. This is pre-marked in white paint. Please stake the pre-marked area, as described.