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The Process

The 5 Steps to Safer Digging, also known as the Blue Stakes Process, is the way to safer digging in the State of Utah.  By following these steps it will help keep you and your family safe as well as protect vital underground utility facilities from being damaged.


Notify Blue Stakes of Utah 811 at least 3 business days prior to excavation. Give specific dig site location information.


Once your Locate Request is submitted to the member facility operators, wait until the legal date / time as shown on the Locate Request.


Referencing your locate request, verify that all markings for your dig site are present prior to excavating. If not, submit a No Response Notice.


Use hand tools and dig carefully 2 feet on either side of the markings. Request new markings if they are destroyed.


Be aware of your surroundings and be careful when digging. Be a safe-digging partner and respect the utilities and the markings.

Need to submit a locate request?

Our online Locate Request software Internet Ticket Entry, or ITE for short, can assist you in creating new locate requests in as little as a few minutes!  It is free, it is the law.  Click below to get started now.

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Education Resources

Blue Stakes of Utah 811 offers several education courses that are available to excavators.  We currently provide courses for Quick Ticket Entry (QTE) for excavators who create many Locate Requests, and an Excavation 101 course.

There’s more to being a safe excavator than just moving dirt. These online courses are designed to strengthen your understanding of common safety issues you will encounter throughout your day, and to educate you on some of the laws and best practices that will help guide you towards safe excavation.

The 811 Process

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Excavators' Guide

Download the Excavator's Guide.

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Electronic Positive Response

Check on your locate request status or learn about the response codes used by participating Member Facility Owners reported to Blue Stakes.


Utility Contact Lookup

Get contact information for Member Facility Operators for After-Hours Emergencies or Engineering & Design requests.

Video Resources

Access all of our publicly available videos on our YouTube channel. Click here to begin!