The following are explanations of important terms used by the Blue Stakes location center. Use these terms correctly to describe the area you need checked for utility lines:

Front: From the middle of the house / property forward to the curb.

Rear: From the middle of the house / property back to the rear property line.

Side: From the middle of the house / property out to the side property line.

Short: From the curb to the middle of the street.

Long: From curb to curb (edge of road to edge of road, not including the shoulder).

Both sides of the road: You must specify what part of the lot you want marked on both sides of the road. For example “Stake the fronts of the lots on both sides of the street.” This does not include any of the road. You must specify short or long to have the road staked.

Note: Common Areas (typically found in townhome or other similar HOA developments, for example) are not included for marking when Entire, Front or Rear of lot is requested.  If your excavation area extends beyond the addressed lot into the common areas, please provide additional marking instructions on your request to ensure your entire excavation area is included and marked, as needed.