Pre-marking a location will save valuable resources and time. It will also help to reduce unnecessary overmarking for the type of work being completed.

While white lining or pre-marking the proposed excavation area has been recommended for years, it is not required by law in Utah. However, according to section 54-8a-4 (3) of the Damage to Underground Utility Facilities Act:

54-8a-4. Notice of excavation. (

(3) If the proposed excavation’s anticipated location and dimensions cannot be described as required under Subsection (2)(c) or as requested in accordance with Subsection 54-8a- 5(2)(b), an excavator shall outline the proposed excavation site using as a guideline the then- existing Uniform Color Code and Marking Guidelines, Appendix B, published by the

Common Ground Alliance, as amended in the current version of the excavators’ guide published by the statewide association established in Section 54-8a-9.