A request expires 21 calendar days from the day it was submitted (queued to be delivered) to the member facility operators. The Legal date/time, Update by date/time, and expiration (Good Thru) date/time will be included in the emailed or SMS copy of your Locate Request. 

If the markings are destroyed by weather, traffic, or excavation, the excavator will need to call 811, option 1 to speak to a Locate Specialist or go online to submit a Re-Mark on a current request and allow at least three (3) business days for the area to be re-marked. A Re-Mark Request does NOT extend the life of the Locate Request ticket.

If excavation work extends beyond expiration (Good thru) date and time, you may submit an Update on your current request over the phone by calling 811, option 1 or online. This must be completed before the “Update By” date and time listed on the Locate Request ticket.   

To submit a Re-mark request or an Update to a current Locate Request ticket online go to: https://otr.bluestakes.org/. This is also accessible on our Mobile App.