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Blue Stakes provides many online web applications to help excavators and member utility operators. For Excavators, these applications include the ability to enter locate request tickets and search previously submitted tickets. For Members, these applications include the ability to view and modify their notification area selections and search tickets sent to them.

These applications are solely intended for use by professional excavators and member utility companies. Home owners and other private individuals can submit simple locate requests and revisions to existing locate requests through the Locate Request – link or by calling the Blue Stakes Notification Center at 811 or 800-662-4111.

If you already have a Newtin User Account name and password, click the Newtin User Login link to log in and start using the applications. If you need to setup a Newtin User Account, please click on the Sign Up link to start your new user setup and to begin the online training program.

– Remote Access applications look and function exactly like the system Blue Stakes personnel use
– Enter and/or view information 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year
– No hold times – no need to call and wait in queue for assistance
– All ticket types including revisions can be processed online except for Emergency and Meet tickets
– Complete and very functional mapping capabilities – same mapping system used by Blue Stakes personnel
– View and/or Update member notification areas by polygon and/or grid selections
– Great ticket search functionality and display

Remote Access for Excavators (QTE & RTE)> Click for the Excavator User’s Manual
Allows contractors and members doing excavation work to enter locate request information into our system at any time. Requests are either processed immediately without Blue Stakes intervention, or queued to be mapped and processed by Blue Stakes with an email copy of the ticket sent for verification. This feature should make the locate request process much more convenient and accurate.

Remote Access for Members (RAM)> Click for the Member User’s Manual
RAM is designed to assist member utilities in updating and reviewing their member contact information and polygon and grid notification areas. It also has many other features and functionality to help member utilities any time day or night.

– Must have Internet access
– Must have any of the latest versions for the following Browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, or Safari.  Ticket Entry is designed to function best in Chrome.
– Must accept and abide by Blue Stakes Remote Access User Agreement
– Must have a basic understanding of the requirements for processing a locate request with Blue Stakes
– Must successfully complete the online training program

> NEWTIN USER LOGIN (Excavators and Members)
> SIGN UP (Create an Account)

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