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You don’t always know what to do to make sure your yard looks and feels great all year round. Also, winter can be a confusing and difficult time for most homeowners. To make sure you don’t have too much work in the spring, you have to take good care of your lawn even while the grass is dormant during the winter.

The following recommendations are a good place to start:

  • The first thing to do is avoid worrying too much about your yard. If you fertilized and tested your soil in the fall, then most of the difficult yard maintenance tasks are already out of the way.
  • Account for the effects of foot traffic in the winter. In many cases, dormant grass can withstand a good amount of foot traffic, but sometimes it can be greatly affected, and may require reseeding.
  • Avoid using salt to get rid of snow. One of the downsides of salt is that it can easily damage yard plants and a variety of grasses. As an alternative, it’s a good idea to try calcium chloride or a type of soluble fertilizer, if you want to eliminate snow in a safe way.
  • Mow the dormant lawn to get rid of any remaining broken grass blades and leaves. The best time to perform this action is at least a few days after the last time it snowed or rained, so that the grass will be relatively dry.

Keeping your yard, and especially your lawn, looking great during the winter is not too easy. But you’ll find these tips will work pretty well toward ensuring that.

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