Which Summer Projects Require Me to Get in Touch with a Utility Locator?Comments Off on Which Summer Projects Require Me to Get in Touch with a Utility Locator?

Whenever you plan to start extensive digging in your garden or in the yard, the best way to ensure the safety of the project is to contact trained utility location services. Utility locator companies use special, sophisticated devices to identify buried utilities that run through the area that you want to dig or to excavate, allowing you to do your digging safely, without damaging the utilities and without exposing anyone to the risk of accidents.

digging requires utility location services in Utah

There are lots of excavation and digging projects that can be made much safer and much more efficient if you get the ground checked by a utility locator before the digging starts, here are some:

  • Soil or lawn removal – if you want to replace the topmost layer of soil in your garden with new, more fertile soil or if you want a new lawn, but you have to remove the old lawn to make space for the new, checking the ground with a utility locator device is the best way to ensure you will not dig into a utility line;
  • Planting a new tree, especially if the tree to be planted is large and its roots need a deep hole;
  • Installation of a new sprinkler system – if you want your new sprinklers to work not only efficiently, but safely as well, you need to avoid all the lines buried underneath, so you definitely need to use a utility locator.
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