What Types of Trees Thrive in Utah?Comments Off on What Types of Trees Thrive in Utah?

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Beside aesthetics, there are two essential aspects to bear in mind when choosing trees to plant in your garden: the climate and the composition of the soil. Utah being located in the rain shadow of California’s Sierra Nevada and of the Wasatch Mountains and also an area that features high mountains of its own, with soil that is alkaline and heavy with clay, choosing trees that not only survive in the area, but also thrive is not easy. Here are a few varieties that grow well in the state and are also beautiful additions in any garden:

  • Oak varieties – bur and chinkapin are attractive, resilient and they can grow about one foot per year;
  • Tulip tree – also known as yellow poplar, this variety is a member of the magnolia family and it brings beautiful, delicate, yellow flowers;
  • Golden rain tree – this medium-sized tree is a real survivor and it looks its best in early fall, when it becomes covered in beautiful flowers;
  • Lacebark elm – this tree comes from Asia and it is not only beautiful, but also very resistant to pests and diseases and it is suitable for being planted in areas that get harsh climate and soil that is not very rich in nutrients.

When planting trees, call before you dig in Utah to make sure you do not break buried cables, wires, or pipes. Not only will your services remain uninterrupted, but you will ensure your safety as well.

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