Introduction to WebTMS

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What is WebTMS?

The Web Ticket Management System (WebTMS) offered by Blue Stakes of Utah 811 to its members is a program designed to allow efficient and effective management of location requests received. Some highlights of the program are:

  • Built-in support for multiple service codes.
  • Receives tickets from Blue Stakes of Utah 811 via email.
  • Parses the tickets into a database for retrieval.
  • Tickets can be auto-assigned (dispatched) by a variety of options.
  • Search engine that allows ticket retrieval based on ticket number, received date, contractor, phone, location, utility member code, etc.
  • Email forwarding of tickets to locators.
  • Printing, Manual Assignments and Re-Assignments on a per ticket basis or multiple selections at once.
  • Reports that include System Status, Event Viewer, End of Day Reports, Broadcast Messages, Tickets Due & Responses Waiting to Be Sent.
  • Complete mapping application with features such as zoom, distance, latitude/longitude, etc. may be used to view all open locates as “points” on a map which can be color-coded by Ticket Priority.

How does it work?

WebTMS, is a web-based application that is available from any device with an internet connection.

There will be no more printing of location requests for each locator. Location requests are received by email and automatically assigned to locators based upon criteria set by the user. That assignment might be by member code, place name, or ticket type. Location requests can be automatically transmitted to the assigned locator by email. When the request is completed, any notes that the locator feels should be part of the record can be added and become a part of that location request’s history. WebTMS will automatically provide responses on completed tickets to Blue Stakes of Utah 811 Electronic Positive Response System.

Ticket assignments are made for you. Emergency requests can be automatically moved to the front of the line. A map can be pulled to show you what requests have not been worked. These can be color-coded to show where the emergencies and short notices are. With one glance you know where you stand on that day’s workload. You have a visual of areas that may need to be reassigned to match force with the workload. Less time spent moving paper means more time for locating tickets and information is automatically provided to Blue Stakes of Utah 811 Electronic Positive Response System.

How much does it cost?

Blue Stakes of Utah 811 provides the Web Ticket Management System free of charge to any member that would like to process their location requests more easily and efficiently.

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    Members of Blue Stakes of Utah 811 have the availability to use our Ticket Management System.

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