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Utah is among the best states to live in and not only in the western part of the country, but in the entire US. The state’s varied climate and geography, the excellent education and the wide range of employment opportunities, its rich culture attract more and more people to the state, large cities being just as popular as smaller towns and rural areas – here are the most popular and most rapidly developing settlements:

  • Salt Lake City – the city is beautiful and surrounded by magnificent scenery, with plenty of job opportunities and housing options. The city’s popularity has been increasing the demand for new and pre-owned homes alike, which has led to an increase in the prices, too, but a home in one of the safe and attractive neighborhoods of the city is still more affordable than anywhere else in the country.
  • Provo – the third largest city of the state, with a population of over 115,000 has a boosting economy, with employment very easy to find and lots of amazing neighborhoods with affordable apartments and family houses.
  • Ogden – the county seat of Weber is the perfect choice for families with children. The charming city is placed amidst beautiful scenery, with the mountains visible from every point of the settlement. The local real estate market is varied, with lots of affordable properties available and the local job market also has lots of opportunities.

The cities mentioned above, and many others as well, offer a wonderful lifestyle with great education and recreation opportunities. There are many different housing options as well. Older established neighborhoods offer well cared for homes. Brand new homes offer a chance for you to put your creative stamp on paint choices and landscaping. Maybe you want to purchase land and hire an architect to design your new home. red marking stakesIn all cases, before digging, make sure you locate underground utilities Utah has previously placed. This will make sure you are safe and not cutting electrical services to your surrounding neighbors. That wouldn’t be a good first impression, would it?

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