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Utah is the state where you can walk among sand dunes, but a few miles off the arid area you find yourself in a lush pine forest, the state where you can attend the best jazz concerts and enjoy culinary specialties that are found nowhere else and also the state that in 2012 was ranked the most livable state in the station based on criteria related to lifestyle, healthcare, economic growth and many others. Here are a few more details that make living in Utah so great:

  • Utah is not just a skiing paradise – it also claims to have the best now in the world, a claim that was acknowledged by the International Olympic Committee when they decided to let Salt Lake City organize the Winter Olympics in 2002.
  • Utah is an amazing state when it comes to culture and entertainment as well, the Sundance Film Festival, numerous music festivals and cultural events are all there to keep locals and visitors entertained.
  • Utah is the youngest state in the nation and it also boasts the highest birth rates, the healthiest population and the highest number of college graduates.
  • Utah is also one of the safest states in the US – even large metro areas have crime rates that are much lower than the national average and the stats are even better for smaller settlements in rural areas.

call before you dig pictureFor these reasons, you may decide that Utah is the place to live and raise your family. There are many real estate options in this beautiful state ranging from older smaller homes to brand new neighborhoods with new build construction. Whatever you chose, make sure that in all your home renovations or landscaping projects you call before you dig Utah services to make sure you keep you and your neighbors safe and secure.

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