Members & Professional Contractors,

Blue Stakes of Utah 811 in partnership with Center Street Productions has developed “Excavation Safety 101”, a web-based safety training course by where you have the ability upon successful completion to receive two DOPL CEU credits.

In good times and bad times, Blue Stakes is here for you. We will continue to provide safety training and do everything we can to keep our communities safe. We hope our 600+ members will encourage their field personnel and subcontractors to take this safety training course, even if no DOPL credit is needed. Everyone will receive a completion certificate, regardless if you need credit or not. It is simply a great reminder to heighten everyone’s awareness on being safe while working in the field.

For access to the Excavation Safety 101 training course click the following link:




Blue Stakes will pay for your DOPL CEU credits related to this course. But your license number(s) need to be attached to your training profile to receive the credit and must be done before completing the course. You can attach your license number(s) when you initially create your account or by adding it to your profile. Your license number(s) will print out on your completion certificate, which will be forwarded automatically to DOPL via our sponsor the AGC.

Any time prior to completing the course, you can go to your profile and verify and/or add license number(s). You will NOT be able to request/receive credit if your correct license number(s) are NOT printed on your certificate!

Those who are eligible to receive credit are as follows:

  • Contractors (2 core credit hours)
    License numbers ending with 5501 & 5551
  • Plumbers (2 professional credit hours)
    License numbers ending with 5508, 5509, 5510, 5518 & 5519
  • Electricians (2 professional credit hours)
    License numbers ending with 5502, 5503, 5504, 5505 & 5506
  • Engineers/Land Surveyors (2 professional credit hours)
    License numbers ending with 2201, 2202 & 2203

We feel this is very timely and useful safety information to our members, their subcontractors and all professional contractors who work in our great state of Utah. You are doing an awesome job helping those of us who are charged with providing critical underground services to our communities.

We truly appreciate our partnership with our Members, AGC, DOPL, and all the excellent Professionals who contact Blue Stakes of Utah 811 to help keep our underground infrastructure from being damaged.

Thanks for your support,

Blue Stakes of Utah 811 Team

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