The Main Things to Know Before Beginning Your Excavation ProjectComments Off on The Main Things to Know Before Beginning Your Excavation Project

man digging to replace plumbing pipesWhether you want to dig an underground basement or a multi-layered parking lot close to your building, it’s important to take all the necessary precautions for safety and to protect the surrounding buildings and environment. The following tips should help you figure out most of the concerns to keep track of before starting on your new excavation project:

  •  Call 811 before you dig. This phone service connects directly to utility operators who can help you determine where underground utilities run and how to mark and avoid them. You can then go on with your excavation project without worrying about hitting and damaging any utility lines. Using locate underground utilities in Utah promotes safety.
  • Try to avoid and keep track of root damage for plants, shrubs and trees as much as possible. Keeping your plants healthy is essential for your health and the health of the environment. So take the necessary measures to protect their roots before you even plan your excavation project.
  • For projects involving digging lower than 5 feet, you’ll need an exit made ready in case of a cave-in emergency. The exit should take into account the layout of the land, the type of soil and the weather conditions involved.
  • Keep any heavy equipment – including excavators – as far away from the edges as possible. To avoid a potential cave-in, this is an essential prerequisite, especially when you’re thinking of digging tunnels and underground parking lots.


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