Should You Call a Local Utility Locator? When Is It Time?Comments Off on Should You Call a Local Utility Locator? When Is It Time?

Underground utility lines are a common hindrance when it comes to working on your property. Whether you want to install an irrigation system for your garden, or you just want to set up your brand new fence, you have to take into account the location of these utility lines prior to doing so. And unfortunately, they’re not easy to find.

danger buried cable

In many cases, the hazard of hitting utility lines with your shovel can cause a LOT of problems. You might hit a sewage or water line that happens to go straight underneath your garden. This could even happen when you so much as dig a small hole to plant a few shrubs or a new tree. So how do you know when it’s time to call in the pros, or when you can just go on with what you’re doing?

811 is a phone line that you can call before you start digging. It is essential that you call a utility locator before you dig in Utah. In fact, experts recommend that you call it regardless of how big or small your project is. If you have to drive a shovel through your property’s ground, it’s usually best to call the utility locator number.

The utility locator will be able to locate any utility lines and where they are. They can then mark them, so you can easily avoid them and get on with your life.

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