Update: 1:20 PM May 20, 2020

Our Member Services department will email a list of tickets that has affected you specifically. If you have not heard from us by end of business today, please contact our member services department.

May 20, 2020

Blue Stakes of Utah 811 Association Members,

Please be advised that this morning Blue Stakes systems erroneously sent a large amount of tickets to our membership. These were duplicate copies of tickets that had already been transmitted to you previously. No information on these tickets were altered, but we wanted to alert you of this duplication in transmissions so you can properly account for them.

Our developer, Norfield Data Partners, has been configuring a secondary training server for our use and transferred our live data to this machine. Unfortunately, an oversight in the configuration during this process caused this server to erroneously send out these tickets again from that secondary system. This erroneous delivery of ticket transmissions started around 8:00 AM and lasted until about 10:30 AM this morning.

Please ensure that the original ticket with the same ticket number and information of the duplicate you received this morning is still treated as a valid locate request ticket. But the second copy of these tickets that you received this morning can safely be deleted or ignored.

We sincerely apologize for any confusion or grief this may have caused you. We are working on gathering more detailed information which will be posted to this page.

Please contact the member services department at member@bluestakes.org or 801-208-2100 option 3 with any additional questions.

Thank you,

Paul C. Huntsman
Blue Stakes of Utah 811

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