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Frequently Asked Questions
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1. I’m not digging very deep. Do I need to call?

2. Can I submit requests through the Internet?

3. What do the colored markings mean?

4. Can I dig near the markings?

5. What should I do if the markings are faded or have been destroyed?

6. What about private utility lines?

7. I’m not sure if all utility lines have been marked. What should I do?

8. How do I know which utilities Blue Stakes has notified?

9. How much notice should I give Blue Stakes before starting to dig? How long will I be legally covered to dig?

10. What do I do if I have an emergency situation during the hours the Blue Stakes Center is closed?

11. What information do I need to have before calling Blue Stakes?

12. What are my responsibilities when requesting an area to be checked for lines?

13. What is the cost to have an area marked?

14. What should I do if I damage a line?

15. How deep are the utility lines?

16. Can I provide GPS latitudelongitude coordinates for my dig site location?

17. What map data does Blue Stakes use?

18. Ticket Field Explanation

19. What terminology do the utilities and Blue Stakes use to describe the area to be marked?

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