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Starting with yard landscaping is not easy, and sometimes the expenses can be quite high. If you want to avoid spending thousands of dollars, using up precious time for lengthy maintenance tasks, and still having a nice looking yard, consider the following tips, and you’ll be entirely surprised by how much you can truly achieve!

You can start by creating a few well-defined outdoor spaces. If you have too much space and not enough trees, rock gardens and flower beds to fill it up, consider turning some of it into an affordable outdoor kitchen, dining area or even building an extended patio with an awesome stone grilling area.

A great low-maintenance option is a mulch bed. You don’t need to water it, mow it or remove any weeds from it. It’s basically just “there.” Come springtime, you can simply replace it, and the cost won’t be too steep either.

Using crushed stone in beds is not only an extremely “cool” option that just looks great in your yard, but also an inexpensive and remarkably low-maintenance solution. Basically, it will never have to be replaced, and it’s also a great xeriscaping technique.

yellow tulips

Finally, fill your yard with perennials to benefit from some of the most low-maintenance and affordable plants you can find. Perennial plants come back each year, and they don’t need favorable conditions to grow and thrive. A word of advice – You will want to schedule Blue Stakes 811 to professionally locate underground utilities in Utah before doing any digging and planting to make sure buried cables are not damaged by a shovel, leading to safety issues or power outages.

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