Low-Maintenance Trees with Less Disease – What Should You Purchase for the Front Yard?Comments Off on Low-Maintenance Trees with Less Disease – What Should You Purchase for the Front Yard?

Trees seem straightforward: you plant them firmly in the front or back yard, and they’ll provide you with life-giving oxygen and pleasant shade in the summer. Sadly, this isn’t always the case, since most types of trees can give you a lot of work, either because of the need for complicated trimming, watering or pruning practices, or because they’re very prone to disease. Some examples include willows, Siberian elm and Norway maple.

So which trees should you plant? Even if disease can’t always be avoided, there are a few special tree species that are not only low-maintenance and highly resilient overall, but are also far less prone to contracting diseases or attracting pests.

The Japanese barberry is a beautiful tree that you can plant in order to add some color and create a more pleasant atmosphere in your garden, The tree prefers dry soil and more sunlight, and is known to be quite resilient.

Another disease-free tree you can consider is the Amur maple. This tree offers excellent shade, and unlike the Japanese barberry, it prefers slightly wetter, muddier soil.

Finally, the river birch will provide greater variety when it comes to color and texture. It is known to rarely contract any diseases, and it can be planted ideally near a pond or a small creek.

Whatever tree works best with your budget and landscaping design, remember, before you plant your tree, contact professional utility location services to make sure electrical and plumbing pipes and cables are left undisturbed in the planting process.

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