A Look at Some of the Best and Most Unique Trees to Plant in UtahComments Off on A Look at Some of the Best and Most Unique Trees to Plant in Utah

The state of Utah has a unique climate that makes planting trees a bit of a bother. While some trees might thrive here, the dryness of Utah’s climate can make it difficult for some of them to get enough water. Also it’s important to choose shade trees here, since you’ll definitely want them around when the hot summer days hit.

One of the more exotic and eye-catching solutions is to plant an amber ninebark tree. Known as physocarpus opulifolius, this species of tree features tones of orange, amber and green, and thrives very well in overly sunny conditions.

The tree form of the Hawaii hibiscus is also ideal for Utah’s dry climate, and it’s also a great choice for smaller gardens that don’t have a lot of space. This tree blooms from July to September, and displays beautiful blue and purple flower colors that will make your garden stand out.

Another great tree for space-challenged locations is the Gladiator™ crabapple, a unique, ornamental tree with bronze-purple leaves, that has an excellent tolerance for disease, and can remain strong and healthy during the entire growing season.

These landscaping trees require minimal maintenance, and their shade, as well as their bright appearance, will make your landscaping job remarkably easy. It’s definitely not much of a contest when it comes to choosing between them and some of the more “classical” tree planting options available for Utah homes and commercial buildings.

You will want to make sure that you contact professional call before you dig Utah technicians before starting any landscaping project involving digging. By using these services to identify cables and pipes buried underground, you will ensure that electrical and plumbing services remain uninterrupted.

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