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Utah is a state with a wider diversity when it comes to the types of grasses used for lawn maintenance. Since the area has a typical dry, continental climate, the temperatures you can expect here can range between 70 degrees in the summer and just below freezing during the wintertime.

These differences have led many homeowners to seek out two different types of grasses, one for the cold season and one for the warmer months. Although, depending on where in Utah you live, you might need more of one or the other, the balance between these two varieties of grass is usually maintained.

Some of the main cool-season grasses used in Utah include perennial ryegrass, Kentucky bluegrass, as well as tall and fine fescues. Of all these varieties, Kentucky bluegrass is the most commonly used, offering the chance to keep your lawn green and healthy even in the later months of autumn, when temperatures start to cool off a great deal.

The most commonly used warm-season grasses include mainly bermudagrass and buffalograss. These are most often considered by homeowners living in southern Utah, where temperatures stay somewhat warmer all year round. Buffalograss requires less maintenance and can be used just about anywhere, which makes it an extremely practical choice.

Bermudagrass, along with zoysiagrass, is used only in the warmest regions of Utah, where they will thrive without the need for a lot of water and without having to go dormant during the warmest days of summer.

Regardless of which grass you choose, make sure before you do any landscape digging you schedule Blue Stakes of Utah 811 professionals to locate underground utilities in Utah properties.

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