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young family spending time outdoor on a spring day

Your yard and garden needs extra special care come springtime, when the soil is still hardened, there are dead leaves and branches everywhere, and the soil is in need of some vital nourishment. The following tips will help you get started covering all these aspects and more:

  1. Clean up your yard. Spring cleaning tasks are not just reserved for your home, but also for the yard. You have to make sure all the debris and fallen leaves left off during winter are properly cleared before you continue.
  2. Avoid composting dog feces, and make sure you call in the experts for that task. Despite popular belief, carnivore feces contains pathogens that can make it unsafe. Roundworms and conditions such as visceral larval migrans are just a couple of the problems you might be facing, should you try the composting process yourself.
  3. Remove weeds in advance, and properly prepare planting beds and fertilizing tasks. Using proper compost around your flowers and herbs, removing dead plants and using a tiller to break new ground are some of the main tips experts have for you.
  4. Make a detailed plan about which flowers and grass types you can consider planting. Some plants and grass species don’t do well in the climate specific to your region, so you’ll have to consult local experts and find out about perennial flowers and dry or wet weather grass types that might work best.
  5. Schedule Blue Stakes of Utah 811 before digging to ensure safety and make sure sprinkler and electrical cables remain undisturbed in the planting process.
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