Getting Through the Necessary Complexity of Protecting Your Trees from Backyard ConstructionComments Off on Getting Through the Necessary Complexity of Protecting Your Trees from Backyard Construction

Backyard construction can be important if you’re planning a home remodel, building new structures in the backyard, or repairing old sheds, gazebos and walkways. However, when conducting such repair or construction work, it often happens that the plants and trees that are a vital part of the ecosystem and of our grounds can be severely damaged. Broken branches and roots can severely deplete your trees’ energy and leave open wounds that can be entered by pests and diseases such as oak wilt.

family digging and planting a tree

Fortunately, there are measures you can take to prevent that. One of the first is to instruct construction teams to keep the work farther away from the tree in order to protect the branches. Another one is to determine the radius of the roots – which can sometimes extend to a great distance from the tree – and make sure the construction workers avoid cutting through the tree’s roots.

When it comes to determining the right course of action for such issues, it is essential to ask for help from a legitimate and experienced tree care specialist, who also carries insurance for property damage and personal liability.

Your tree care specialist can guide you on how to determine the root radius, what to do to treat damaged branches and how to nurse back to health trees that were already affected by disease and insects.

It is important to consult with damage prevention utility location services as well to make sure that, along with tree roots, electrical and plumbing cables are left undisturbed as well.

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