How Easy Is It to Install a Sprinkler System as a DIY Project?Comments Off on How Easy Is It to Install a Sprinkler System as a DIY Project?

Installing a sprinkler system can be a straightforward task as long as you know what to do. Even without much technical knowledge, you’ll find that everything from measuring the perimeter to the actual, physical tasks required for fastening your system in place and making sure it works properly, will only take a single afternoon to complete.

Before starting, a list of special preparation tasks will be required, in order to eliminate any obstacles and make sure you can safely install the sprinkler system. First, you’ll have to identify the soil type in your garden, find the water pump and main line, identify trees and other major obstacles, and define the precise area that will be covered by the sprinklers. You can do this by hiring experts to locate underground utilities in Utah. These services are also found in other states as well.

Planning the sprinkler locations will require a great deal of insight, since you’ll have to make sure the water from one sprinkler will reach the other while still covering as large an area as possible. To do this, you can divide your sprinklers into zones, then proceed to draw in your pipes and valves, determine the location for the timer controller, and finally set up your sprinkler system while connecting it to the main water line.

Although the full set of steps required is somewhat more comprehensive, you’ll find that much of the work will not require comprehensive knowledge of plumping and connecting pipes. However, if you feel you might not be able to do it all on your own, it’s always best to ask for advice or assistance from a professional local contractor.

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