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The process of choosing the right plants for a landscaping project can be extremely fun and rewarding. Choosing between colorful herbs and plants that are not only aesthetically pleasing, but also have a healthy impact on the environment around your home or building will also be an enriching experience, especially when considering the many unique plants that Utah landscapers would recommend.

Utah is a place where precipitation isn’t always something easy to come by, and there may be a need to save water on occasion. If that’s the case, some plants will not make it, while others might even thrive.

To start the selection process for low-water plants for Utah landscaping, you have to start by determining which plants are best suited for the landscaping environment. Consider not only their water requirements, but also their ability to adapt to the soil, their general response to the amount of light and heat that Utah’s dry, continental climate has to offer, and their ability to withstand both cold and warm environments.

It’s also a good idea to group plants based on their watering needs to enhance the irrigation process. You can create so-called hyrdrozones, which will prevent certain plants from being over- or under-watered.

Some of the main examples for attractive, well-suited plants for Utah landscaping include the tufted primrose, firecracker penstemon, the chocolate flower, fire chalice, sundance daisy, blue flax and silver sage.

It is highly recommended that you contact qualified utility location services before planting and irrigation digging to ensure that electrical or plumbing cables or pipes are undisturbed throughout the landscaping project.

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