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Calling 811 is an Expected Safety Practice

Anywhere in the United States, calling utility location services (811) is a safety practice everyone is expected to do. Whether you are a homeowner or home contractor, calling 811 could not only save your life, but the lives or those around you as well.

Call First

Calling 811 before digging is more than a formality; the simple exercise can save lives.

Damage prevention consultant Walt Kelly recalled several stories of lives lost and workers permanently scarred because they accidentally hit a power line or utility pipe during a project.

In one case, workers were trenching in an electrical line across a parking lot and hit an unmarked gas service line. The gas leaked into a nearby store, causing an explosion. A woman working in the store lost her leg in the incident.

“She was trapped in the rubble for several hours,” Kelly said. “She says she wakes up in the middle of the night thinking she is still trapped in the building and tries to leap out of bed and run. Forgetting she has only one leg, she falls flat on her face.”

To prevent such tragedies, excavators should comply with state one-call laws, which require them to give notice of a proposed project and wait for facility operators to mark underground utilities or provide clearance.

Kelly cautioned that failing to do so could result in a company being held liable for injuries, property damage and legal fees in the event that workers make contact with a utility line.

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