When Is It Best to Plant Trees to Make Sure They Can Thrive?Comments Off on When Is It Best to Plant Trees to Make Sure They Can Thrive?

Even though we all need more trees around us, it’s not always a good idea to plant trees – whether you do it in your garden, in a public area or in the extended grounds of one of your commercial buildings. The conditions have to be ripe and the factors involved are different for each tree in part. So you really have to do your homework before considering planting any sort of tree.

Depending on where you live or what type of tree you want to plant, the answer can vary. Typically, however, the best time for planting trees is either in the fall or in the spring. In some cases it’s also considered a good idea to plant your trees in the late winter or early spring, especially in areas of the south of the US, where the weather can get exceedingly hot as early as April or May.

The middle of summer or winter is usually a bad choice for planting trees because of the extreme weather and the fact that most trees need some time to get used to their new environment. In early winter, it might be possible to plant trees more successfully, as long as you did most of the digging work earlier in the year.

Aside from most types of trees, including maples, which are ideally planted in the autumn, expect to have a more positive experience with birch, willow, magnolia trees and pine trees in the spring. As long as you water them properly throughout the summer, you shouldn’t have a problem with these trees.

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