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Kicking off summer with Memorial Day, a lot of American couples and families tend to want to enjoy the festive and friendly spirit of the holiday outside, with a backyard BBQ. But what’s the real secret to an enjoyable barbecue with family and friends? Should you try something old-fashioned, or should you consider setting up themes and really getting into the festive spirit?

The attitude is extremely important, and a positive, upbeat approach to the whole party will make everyone feel at home. That being said, the real allure of a barbecue is of course, the food. And here are a few quick tips on how to make your guests enjoy themselves with the best Memorial Day food you can muster up:

  • Try starting out with a delicious and healthy fruit salad to offset all the protein and fat you’ll be charging into later on.
  • While meat might be the main attraction of a good barbecue, it’s always good to add smaller snacks too. Consider sliders to show off your grilling skills without adding too many calories into the mix.
  • Sangria is a great Memorial Day beverage, and most agree that it shouldn’t be left out.
  • Finally, you might also want to swap out at least some of the bacon for some healthy veggies, and mix things up at the same time. Your guests will thank you for it, especially those who follow a vegan or vegetarian diet.

Whatever your plans may be, Blue Stakes of Utah 811 wishes you a healthy, safe, and fun long weekend!

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