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DIY landscaping has really taken off, and Utah is one of the best places to try it out. While providing you with some basic challenges when it comes to planning, the following options are considered some of the best for those who would like to try out DIY landscaping as beginners:

  • You can start by planting your own garden using small ornamental trees and plants that don’t require a lot of water and maintenance. It is extremely important to make sure your choices for plants will allow you to account for Utah’s dry climate.
  • A raised garden bed is also a fun and interesting project that will not challenge DIY beginners too much. The bed can be used for flowers and vegetables alike, and it will make your yard look entirely unique.
  • A rain barrel will not require much experience with DIY landscaping work. It will also help you save a lot of money and provide you with a more practical, eco-friendly alternative to some of the more common watering solutions you can consider.
  • Edge your garden using simple items such as rocks, logs, or even plastic and metal items to offer it a more unique look.
  • Create a small rock garden to provide for a beautiful, contrasting look that works exceptionally well next to your regular garden or raised garden bed.

While some of these projects might look more challenging than others, they won’t require any special equipment or qualifications. Also, in some cases you can get all the work done in a single afternoon.

Make sure that before starting any diy project that involves digging, you schedule Blue Stakes of Utah 811 locate underground utilities Utah specialist to keep buried pipes and electrical cables undisturbed throughout the project. This ensures uninterrupted utility services and the safety of all involved.

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