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Ever been interested to learn some of the lesser known facts about the state of Utah? Here we present you with five of the most unusual and interesting facts that you probably never heard about before:

  1. Promontory, Utah has set the scene for the first ever intercontinental railroad built in the United States as early as 1869. The construction process started in Sacramento, California, and lasted for about 7 years.
  2. The Dutch oven is considered the unofficial cooking vessel of the state of Utah. This distinction came after the oven was deemed a priceless necessity during the 19th century, when pioneers traveling towards the west used them along with other practical, cast iron utensils.
  3. Did you know that the Frisbee was invented in Utah? The inventor of the toy, a Utah native known as Walter Fredrick Morrison, came up with the idea after playing with tin cake pans in his back yard and discovering their remarkable ability to fly across long distances.
  4. The Arches National Park in Utah has the largest collection of naturally formed sandstone arches in North America. This impressive location boasts more than 2,000 such formations, and in the past, travelers credited for discovering uncharted arches actually got the privilege to name them.
  5. The Utah Administrative Code actually has rules that outlaw any artificial weather changes. According to this piece of legislation, you actually need to have a permit to be allowed to use weather changing practices such as “cloud seeding.”

5 stars for Utah

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