Turn Your Grounds Beautiful: DIY Landscaping Design Ideas for Your HomeComments Off on Turn Your Grounds Beautiful: DIY Landscaping Design Ideas for Your Home

If you’re looking to make your home stand out in your neighborhood, one of the best choices you can consider is to add a few appealing

landscaping elements to the scenery. But a basic perennial garden, an archway and a new, basic walkway might not cut it. So let’s take a look at some of the more unique and interesting ideas you might want to consider:

  • Instead of using a single type of grass or gravel, why not spice it up with an intricate checkerboard design? You can use multiple types of grasses, flowers, sand, gravel and soil, so you can create a truly unique set of colors that will attract the attention of all your guests.
  • Mulching the pathways between plantings can also be an appealing way to make your garden stand out. For best results, use slate chips to create a pleasant contrast between them and any species of green shrubs.
  • Step sculptures are in vogue, and they are extremely easy to create. All you need is some pebbles, a few hours on a Sunday afternoon, and a good dose of creativity.
  • Finally, for the “pièce de résistance,” consider a terraced cottage garden featuring brick steps, an intricate entrance and neatly arranged areas for all your plants and flowers.

Even though not all of these approaches might work in the case of your house, some of them can really make your garden or yard stand out. You’ll find they can be an even better choice when the time comes to renovate your entire home.

As you prepare for any home renovation or landscaping project that requires digging, you will want to make sure you do not dig and mistakenly damage gas, electrical, or water pipes. You will want to utilize call before you dig Utah trained services to keep your DIY projects safe, within budget, and problem free.

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