Utah law requires utility owners to mark only the lines that they own and maintain. This usually means up to the meter. Underground lines that extend beyond the meter or that are not connected to a meter are typically not installed or owned by a utility company and therefore may not be marked. These include water and sewer laterals, power to a detached garage or lamppost, sprinkler / irrigation systems, lines connected to a propane tank or septic system, etc.

Almost every job site will include some type of privately-owned underground pipe or cable. The excavator should inspect the property carefully and ask the property owner about private underground lines before digging. The excavator should consider hiring a private locator to mark private lines that could be in conflict with the excavation project. Areas where private lines are especially common include apartment complexes, mobile home parks, gated subdivisions, cabin communities, schools and universities, hospital complexes, industrial areas, government facilities and military installations.

Locating companies that can be hired to mark private lines:
- CRI, inc. – 435-867-1853
- Earthview Technology – 801-446-3004
- ELM Locating – 801-440-8979
- Magic Valley Locates – 203-358-2351
- Online Utility Locating – 801-446-2772
- Right Side Locating LLC – 801-637-4078
- Rough Country Locating LLC – 801-598-4265
- Stake Center Locating – 801-364-1063
- Utility Mapping Services Inc – 801-501-7388

NOTE: The following entities do not participate with Blue Stakes. If you need to dig on property owned or controlled by one of these entities, please contact that entity directly in addition to contacting Blue Stakes.

- Union Pacific Railroad – “Call Before You Dig!” Hotline – 800-336-9193
- Utah Transit Authority – UTA Control Center – 801-352-6701
- Hill Air Force Base – Red Stake – 801-777-1995
- Navajo Tribal Utility Authority – (for Navajo Nation lands) – 800-528-5011